Reputation management services

There have been widespread lapses in corporate governance in state-owned enterprises and leading private-sector companies in recent years, while incidences of uncompetitive business practice are also on the rise.

Inadvertent exposure to these risks and other threats can be devastating and, in extenuating circumstances, the damage may even be irreversible.

Reputations are destroyed overnight, resulting in a loss in shareholder value, stakeholder confidence and market share. These are exacerbated by negative publicity in a media “feeding frenzy” that ultimately leads to poor public perceptions of organisations and their brands.

Argumentum’s comprehensive reputation-management service is a proactive response to the growing demand for professional public relations solutions that are supported by robust legal skills and experience.


Reputation-management services supported by legal experts

Argumentum’s reputation-management service is essentially an extension of its sophisticated enhanced due diligence offering.

The reputation-management division is administered by the same team of legal professionals who identified the potential risks and quantified the impact that these may have on reputations during the enhanced due diligence phase.

Importantly, the risk-management strategy also includes a crisis-management plan. This is a proactive approach that focuses on managing potential threats as opposed to only repairing reputations after damage has been incurred.

The success of the campaign is monitored and measured on an ongoing basis using state-of-the-art software and other specialised infrastructure.

Argumentum’s reputation-management service also includes training in effective crisis-management procedure to ensure the long-term continuity of the solution. This is in addition to assisting our clients establish more robust internal systems and procedures so that they are better equipped to manage any future public relations crises after our campaign ends.


Robust digital-management capabilities

Argumentum’s public relations department has extensive experience in all types of media. Importantly, we are also well versed in managing our clients’ digital presence, ranging from SEO through to the various social media platforms that have grown in popularity over the years. We are able to directly influence the narrative by originating relevant and top-ranking content, or indirectly through our robust working relationship with many reputable and influential digital media practitioners. Our holistic digital reputation management solution also includes active participation in relevant and influential blogs, as well as online forums to further sway public perception in the favour of our clients.

State-of-the-art technology is used throughout to track the changing narrative. It also provides valuable experiences and learning gained that can be incorporated into the campaign to maximise the impact.

Importantly, this approach provides our clients with measurable results and tangible outcomes that are communicated regularly as part of our comprehensive service offering.


Advanced external media management

Argumentum has a nurtured a long working relationship with many reputable media practitioners. They have played an invaluable role in assisting our public relations department manage our clients’ reputational risk.

The origination of bespoke and credible native content is a vital component of any successful reputation-management campaign. Our service, therefore, includes undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the most suitable media outlets to use for our campaigns. This is in addition to arranging and managing media interviews, conferences and events on behalf of our clients and monitoring the coverage of the narrative on an ongoing basis.


In-depth understanding of complex and sensitive industries

Notably, Argumentum’s public relations department has experience working with companies operating in very sensitive and complex industries, which have been beset by controversy over the years. Among others, these include mining and metals, agriculture, oil and gas, public-sector infrastructure delivery and private-sector real-estate development. Importantly, we have worked at all level of the value chain in these industries, starting with the key drivers and ending at suppliers of specialised services and products. This has provided us with a unique understanding of the internal working of technical industries with their own to originate insightful and relevant content that helps influence reputations, behaviours and decision making. This capability is complemented by our sound working relationship with media practitioners who, themselves, are acknowledged as industry experts to bolster our own public relations narratives.


Communication with employees, stakeholders, customers and supply-chain partners

Our reputation-management service includes managing all existing company-related communication with employees, stakeholders, customers and supply-chain partners. This involvement includes reviewing the content disseminated via these platforms to ensure that it is aligned with the narrative of the campaign. They are also used as strategic vehicles to convey messages that are part of our reputation-management service. The public relations management service spans e-mail bulletins and publications, as well as news pages and “knowledge centres” on websites through to the social media platforms used for marketing purposes.