The consultant will utilise an analytically structured problem solving framework to analyse the nature and scope of the problem and interventions required to address the problem. In short this approach entails the following:

    1. Change analysis: The exact nature of the changes in the state of affairs or foreseeable state of affairs required by client, taking into consideration what is known and what is known to be unknown;

    2. Actor analysis: An analysis of the actors likely to benefit and those likely to be disadvantaged by the progressive achievement of the desired change in the state of affairs, together with an articulation of their interests in the matter. This analysis provides a better understanding of the expected resistance (as part of the spectrum of possible outcomes) to a proposed intervention and the potential for negotiated or forced outcomes;

    3. Options and scenario analysis: An analysis of the available options to achieve the desired change in the state of affairs, and an expansion of the probable scenarios to play out if an option is executed (including the risks associated with these options).