Argumentum LPM Legal Project Management Practitioner Support Services

Helping lawyers navigate a complex legal environment

The legal industry can be an intimidating environment for lawyers, who have to manage expectations and maintain a consistently high service standard.

ArgumentumLPM’s ad-hoc or subscription-based support services assist clients and legal practitioners navigate this increasingly complex eco-system.

Legal Project Management consulting

Firms and legal services offices that intend modernising information and task management, are welcome to contact Argumentum for a discussion. Over the years, Argumentum have researched and experimented with a host of Legal Tech solutions for our own development and ongoing improvement.

Argumentum have, therefore, garnered valuable insights and experience into the assessment and optimisation of workflows (business process mapping / ‘blueprinting’). The critical analysis of the detailed blueprinting process allows for systematic design of practical organisational-change management and serves as a basis for customised process automation.

Legal Project Management training

Our Legal Project Management (LPM) service provides legal professionals with the practical methods and tools they need to service their clients in a constantly-evolving industry. This service is offered to colleagues (legal practitioners) in response to the imminent full enactment of section 35 of the Legal Practice Act (prerequisite fee estimates). Once enacted, clients will be legally entitled to demand work that has been perfectly scoped, planned and executed with clear budgets from their legal service providers.

Practitioner Referral Panel membership

Receive referrals according to your fields of speciality and geographical area of practice.

We propose clear briefs and negotiate on behalf of public clients. This is a service that is constantly being refined and developed through interaction with industry participants. We, therefore, welcome your insights to further improve this offering.

Argumentum LPM Legal Project Management Practitioner Support Services