This video explains the context and relevance of legal project management.

Argumentum offer legal professionals assistance with the adoption and transition towards digital practice management.


What is Legal Project Management (LPM)?

LPM is an organizational method, implementing project management systems for optimisation of internal activities required by lawyers while allowing for transparency; to the satisfaction of clients.

Clients are pressing lawyers (in-house counsel and regulated practitioners) to provide greater value at lower and more predictable costs.

Clients are no longer willing to accept the budgetless, unscoped, unplanned and oftentimes disorganised execution of legal work. With a sensible legal fee provisions promoted in section 35 of the Legal Practice Bill (that deal with prerequisite fee estimates) entering into the public awareness, client expectations will soon become generally expected, if not legislated, for various legal practitioners.

Legal Project Management (LPM) aims to provide practical methodology and the tools to be able to meet insistent client needs in carrying out predictable commitments.

A personal note from the hosts

As co-practitioners turned in-house counsel, hosting this workshop for our peers is a sincere initiative from within the industry to share the distilled essence of many years of research and experimenting with the tools and ways of managing legal practice. Argumentum legal services has saved hundreds of hours by implementing tracking systems for lawyer based activities. The open source systems that have been combined to diarise, assign tasks, track billing, manage due dates and centralise access to client boards have proven to be far more than can be achieved with ordinary practice management software assistance. We know how busy our colleagues are. That is why Argumentum LPM functions as a dynamic yet progressive system, quick to adapt to its environment while still being forgiving to even the most reluctant paper clutching practitioner.

What’s in it for me?

An eight hour marathon LPM crash course to learn all the critical hacks and tips to become an intermediate level legal project manager.

At this crash course you will learn how to:

  • Apply project management principles to legal matters and office projects

  • Provide professional budget forecasts to clients (i.e. Legal Practice Act s35 fee estimates)

  • Use affordable project management tools for any size and type project