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We’ll help you find appropriate legal representation.

5 years, R300k and 3 different lawyers later, My company handed over a money claim for a stolen company vehicle on seller-agent premises. I’ve been burned badly twice with big name attorneys that strung me along and I came off badly. I wish your product existed a while back because I would’ve jumped at it.

An “appropriate legal representative” is a professional attorney who has the necessary skills and experience to provide the most appropriate legal solution at a suitable budget.

ArgumentumLPM enables you to select your service provider on your own time without being concerned about asking the incorrect questions and paying for them.

Once you have provided us with a basic explanation of your legal problem and its context, we are able to source and engage suitable lawyers on your behalf.

Moreover, our skilled and experienced team of lawyers is equipped to familiarise you with the legal procedure and estimated costs of your legal work.

The unique pitfalls of using legal services are as follows:

  • Surprise legal bills: Legal costs can easily spiral out of control, especially considering the “all-or-nothing” approach that is so often adopted in litigation. In the absence of a clearly-defined budget, lawyers tend to bill by the hour and the costs can eventually easily exceed the real value of the service. Attorneys should provide realistic estimates for legal work and also explain possible variations to the budget to their client.

  • The incorrect lawyer for the job: In these instances, the nominated lawyers do not have the required skills or experience to accept a legal project. Despite this, they will still accept work instead of referring it to another specialist. This scenario can be likened to a general medical practitioner who attempts to perform open-heart surgery on a child.

  • Over-capacitated lawyer: Despite being overbooked with other legal projects, some lawyers will still accept additional work. This places additional pressure on limited resources and it your project will, in all likelihood, not receive the full attention that it deserves.

  • The wrong plan: In these circumstances, lawyers may adopt a familiar or hastily executed plan without fully examining the viability of alternative solutions to a specific problem. The plan also does not take into consideration clients’ real long-term requirements. This is no different to a structural engineer proposing a footbridge for a carriageway that caters to high volumes of traffic, including heavy commercial vehicles simply because it is the easiest available option, despite the long-term ramifications.

ArgumentumLPM’s service has provided clients with the following benefits:

  • Cost-savings: Savings are realised through a properly-scoped project with clearly defined rates that have been negotiated on their behalf.

  • Budget for legal projects: We fix the budget as far as possible into the future, and this includes the terms of payment.

  • Certain path forward: We provide our clients with a clear project plan that will be executed by the appointed lawyer.

  • Confidence in their lawyer: Our clients know that they are using the most suitable lawyer who will deliver to their expectations. Your legal practitioner will have the necessary legal expertise and available capacity to handle your work within a defined budget. You are also reassured that your lawyer is suited to handling the complexity, importance and urgency of the case.

  • Rational decision-making: Our project plan and budget have empower clients to easily make a rational decision on whether a legal matter is worth pursuing or not. Directors of companies have used this service to guide them when deciding to pursue or defend recourse.

  • Unbiased recommendations: Our recommendations are unbiased, as we are not benefiting from the execution of work. This means that we have nothing to gain by advising you on which direction to take.

Our RFQ* process entails four steps:

*RFQ: Request for Quotation

  1. Complete the webform and tell us your story;

  2. Receive a quotation and proposal for our services;

  3. Use our secure payment portal on this website to confirm the instruction; and

  4. Execution of the requested service and report as agreed.

Our process entails the following:

  • Consultation: We consult with you for between 30 minutes and two hours to determine your (legal) needs. This can be done telephonically, via video call or in person, depending on your preference.

  • Scope, budget and fact summary: We develop a project plan which includes a scope and budget for the legal work, in addition to a summary of the relevant facts. This takes between one and five working days to complete, depending on the volume and scope of the project. Once completed, you will know exactly what legal work needs to be executed and at what cost. Importantly, you will also now know exactly what you can expect from the appointed lawyer.

  • Appoint appropriate legal service provider: Between two to four days thereafter, we procure a legal service provider on your behalf to execute the legal work within your budget and time constraints. In instances where you already have a lawyer in mind, we are able to assist in scoping the work and compiling a budget for the project. We source legal expertise from a wide network of lawyers, ranging from large law firms, boutique service providers and one-man practices through to junior and renowned senior advocates, depending on your specific needs.

  • Hand over: We facilitate the introduction and hand over to the appointed lawyer, subject to the professional brief, containing the specifics of the instruction that was drafted by ArgumentumLPM.


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Give a short background of your problem and what you expect
Think in terms of what the result means to you. How important is it that the intended result is achieved.
By when do you need the result? This is important, as there are certain constraints in the legal system that practically influence timelines.
This influences which lawyer can be used, which avenues can be used to solve the problem, and how long it takes to get a grip on the matter. Uncomplicated means few moving parts and easy subject matter. Very complicated means plenty of moving parts and difficult to understand subject matter.
A big legal matter is one where there is a lot of information that needs to be considered in order to execute the legal instruction. A small legal matter is one that has little information that needs to be considered to execute the legal instruction.
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The first consultation (telephonic, video call or in-person) is R450.00 for us to get a reasonable picture of your needs, whereafter we can draw up a budget and project plan on your behalf and/or refer you to the appropriate lawyer with instructions on your budgetary considerations.
Please note: Financing is not provided by Argumentum LPM.
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