How do I know if a lawyer can help me?

As professionals qualified in various fields of law, lawyers (attorneys, advocates and general counsel) are ethically obliged to deal honestly and transparently with their clients. However, it is not always easy to know whether their advice will be effective.

It is, therefore, important to approach a legal professional with clear instructions to limit the scope of actions and to direct all attention to solving the actual problems, as opposed to only focusing on isolated legal principles.

How do I know if I have a ‘legal’ issue that can be referred to a lawyer?

It is not always obvious or clear whether a problem is a triable ‘legal’ problem. Ironically, you often first have to pay a lawyer to advise you on whether your legal issue can be resolved.

If you need to compel someone else to do something that they might not want to do (or someone is compelling you when you’re reluctant), the chances are you probably have a legal issue.

Alternative avenues to pure legal strategies could be, among others, technical, financial, psychological and logistical in nature.

Argumentum LPM helps you to understand your problems and assemble multi-disciplinary professional teams to derive best possible outcome under the particular circumstances.

What if my organisation already has an external law firm or law firms that we already use to provide legal services?

These law firms have a definitive place in the legal services spectrum and it is not our intention to replace them. In such instances, we work with them to assist in solving legal challenges and manage the execution of these solutions on your behalf.

We also spend significant time on pure referrals to appropriate legal representatives that are best suited to handle your matter.

What if my organisation already has in-house legal counsel or an in-house legal team?

We do not replace them, but rather supplement their capacity as and when required. This is usually in instances where important, complex and unique transactions, disputes or situations arise for which your in-house legal person or team require strengthening. We work closely with them to navigate a complex maze as an additional in-house counsel over a determined period.

There are many advantages to this approach, including:

  • The flexibility to appoint Argumentum as and when required, where after the engagement can be terminated or scaled down if the client so chooses;

  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to equip a full legal team with office space and other infrastructure;

  • Access to lawyers who are well versed in project management, risk management, problem solving and crisis management;

  • Access to a team with proficient and broad knowledge of various areas of the law  to supplement strengths and weaknesses;

  • Access to legal, desktop and field researchers, as well as administrative staff;

  • Access to a team of experienced lawyers and consultants who have refined their skills by working on many legal problems, and with the necessary capacity to serve your legal needs diligently;

  • Flexibility, considering that The Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour relations Act do not apply to consultants as they are not employees of your business;

  • Clearly scoped services and billing structures on a retainer basis, project cost,  cost for a certain phase of a project or on an hourly billing basis;

  • Retention of institutional knowledge and legal affairs, which is distributed among various lawyers and consultants within Argumentum;

  • Reduced costs associated with engaging conventional law firms considering our emphasis on finding the most effective and efficient ways to solving problems and allocating the correct skills to the right tasks.

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