Perform stress free legal work to the satisfaction of clients.

Attorneys, advocates and corporate counsel stand to benefit from improvements in personal efficiency and productivity optimisation.

How will LPM help me?

(Legal Project Management for legal professionals)

Drive down inefficiencies by:

  • Removing constraints in everyday workflows

  • Designing services around the strengths of team members

  • Promoting practical collaboration on legal projects

  • Avoiding unnecessary duplication through DIY standardised workflows

Reduce internal constraints and costs, in turn increasing value and profits by:

  • Increasing the productivity (reduce time wasted) of individuals and teams

  • Enabling staff to consistently produce quality outputs

  • Capitalise on alternative fee arrangements and value based billing

  • Provide accurate fee estimates as required by section 35 of the Legal Practice Act.

Who’s LPM for?

LPM is for practicing attorneys, advocates, and in-house counsel interested in driving down overall stress levels by preparing themselves and their teams for 2019 by focusing on practical tips on how to drive down inefficiencies, reduce internal costs and increase growth and profitability.

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