Understanding the cause of the problem, should always compel proactive steps of prevention.
Argumentum Legal Services and Legal Project Management Services

Argumentum LPM is focused on offering a bouquet of legal support services to private individuals and corporates on an ad hoc or subscription basis; assisting both clients and legal practitioners. For clients - we aim to sweep away the uncertainty of the legal procedure, costs and outcomes. For lawyers - the challenge of managing client books, expectations and maintaining consistency in service quality standards.

How will Argumentum help me?

Legal Project Proposals (Briefs)

Are you considering handing over instructions to an attorney? Our multidisciplinary team can help you select the most suitable legal representation and at the correct price.

Argumentum drafts professional briefs (i.e. legal project proposal) with a clear scope of mandate, fair budget estimates and advice on terms of reference.

Argumentum Corporate Legal Services (Retainers)

Argumentum provides corporates and individuals access to a seasoned in-house team of attorneys, advocates and paralegals. Experienced in commercial, property and government law, they work as a unit to ensure a thorough understanding of your long-term business needs.

The many innovations developed by Argumentum over the years have given rise to the Argumentum LPM initiative.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Argumentum’s enhanced due diligence service is primarily based on thorough assessments of existing and possible future associations, as well as non-competitive practices. Our assessment culminates in contextual recommendations for the appropriate reporting and management of assessed risks.