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Argumentum LPM Legal Project Management Practitioner Support Services

What is ‘LPM’? Legal Project Management (link to YouTube video)

Representatives of the ArgumentumLPM team have extensive experience working as attorneys and advocates, as well as in-house counsel and corporate counsel on demand for local, foreign and international organisations.

This experience has enabled us to develop a simple and effective collaboration system to control all processes and ensure an endless flow of incoming information and instructions, while maintaining professional quality of outputs to achieve a desirable outcome.

This forms the basis of our legal project-management (LPM) services for corporates and individuals, as well as LPM consulting services and training programmes for lawyers.

Our services for companies and individuals include:

  • determining the financial viability of pursuing legal recourse;

  • appointing suitably skilled and available lawyers;

  • negotiating fixed (capped) fee arrangements and payment terms on behalf of clients; and

  • ensuring that a pre-approved project plan is executed by the appointed lawyer.

We provide the following services to attorneys, advocates and in-house counsel:

  • legal project-management consulting;

  • legal project-management training;

  • legal services process mapping for the standardisation and optimisation of legal services; and

  • free access to our growing database of registered clients.